How much will it cost?

Before fully committing to any tree work often the first question asked is,

“What do you charge?"

There are various factors which influence the cost of tree removal and pruning, including both the height of the tree and the variety. Some species are simply easier to handle than others, and this is reflected in the price.

Overhanging branches also affect pricing because more care has to be taken when they’re removed. And, when such branches are across public spaces and will need a road or footpath to be temporarily closed, for example, it quickly becomes very expensive.

Finally, removal of waste is also likely to push tree felling costs up.

The two following examples assume that all waste is removed and the stump is ground down.

Example 1 – A small multi-stemmed birch tree needs to be completely removed. These trees are one of the simpler varieties to prune, and the job’s around half a day’s work for a two-man team. Outside London, prices are likely to vary between £300 and £500. For those living in the capital and immediate areas, prices could be as high as £750.

Example 2 – A large oak tree has grown to over 100 feet tall needs felling. It’s also growing in a site with poor access. Removal of such a vast tree needs a team of five, including two professional tree surgeons. There are several tonnes of waste material to remove too. In London, competitive quotes could be between £3,000 and £4,250, whilst they’ll be between £2,500 and £3,500 across the rest of the country.

Labour Costs and Timescales
When you are getting work done on your trees, there are a lot of factors that decide the final cost you will be paying. The easiest way to determine the cost is to consider how long it will take and what is the going rate for tree surgeons.

Labour Costs
Per hour                       1                   £45
Per hour                       2                   £90
Per day                         1                   £315
Per day                         2                   £630
Per day                         3                   £945

Crown Lifting            Small          1 day
Crown Lifting            Large          2 days
Crown Thinning        Small          1 day
Crown Thinning        Large          2 – 3 days
Crown Reduction      Small          1 day
Crown Reduction      Large          2 – 3 days
Dead Wooding         Small          ½ day
Dead Wooding         Large          1 day
Pollarding                  Small          1 day
Pollarding                  Large          2 - 3days
General Pruning        Small           ½ day
General Pruning        Large           1 day

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